Training with Alissa provides you the advantage of working with multiple modalities all at once. Whether you are rehabbing an injury, managing chronic pain, reacquainting yourself with working out, or just love having an expert keep you on track, every session combines:

  • The precision and core strength of the Pilates Method
  • The performance enhancing and pain reduction magic of Z-health
  • The power and functionality of Strength Training and Ground Flow

The quest of each session is to meet you where you are at, and to interweave your in-the-moment-needs with your long-term goals. Using gait assessment and other practical neurological assessments in each session, we quickly find the path of least resistance to get you moving and feeling better.

Over the course of training together we will tune in deeply to your body and neural patterns, and have you feeling confident, empowered, and at least a little bit more in love with your own body and mind.

We frequently work with the following conditions:

  • Unresolved brain trauma/concussion
  • Pelvic floor & deep abdominal weakness
  • Computer neck/shoulders
  • Low back pain
  • Sacroiliac instability
  • Knee pain / IT band syndrome
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Poor Balance
  • Hypermobility
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Poor coordination / Difficulty following exercise instruction

Public Classes


Gentle Pilates Fridays, 10:45-11:40am

Register for class at Vita

Gentle Pilates focuses on moving slowly enough so that you can align your body, feel the burn, and find a healing, appropriate challenge no matter your age or ability. Hands-on adjustments help every student learn how to work with their body, rather than spend the class in struggle-mode.

Sound Healing 3rd Tuesday each month, 7:45-8:45pm

Inside The Working Body, register here.

A monthly donation-based, live sonic meditation to help you ease your mind, and let yourself be guided on an inward journey. Sound healing is a powerful way to both unwind and recharge your whole self. 

Check out other Sound Healing special events here.