Training with Alissa provides you the advantage of working with multiple modalities all at once. Whether you are rehabbing an injury, managing chronic pain, reacquainting yourself with working out, or just love having an expert keep you on track, every session combines:

  • The precision and core strength of the Pilates Method
  • The chronic-pain-busting, performance enhancing magic of applied neurology, aka Z-health
  • The stabilization and power of Strength Training

The quest of each session is to tune in to your body, empower you with individualized workouts at the gym and at home, and to uplift your spirit.


$98 / one 55 min. session
$900 / ten 55 min. sessions

Duets (split between two people)
$130 / one 55 min. session
$1200 / ten 55 min. sessions

*Prices listed do not include service charge for credit cards. See "schedule" for details.

Weekly Public Classes


Pilates + Barre Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30am

Register for class at The Working Body

A moderately paced class combining Pilates mat work and my spin on "functional" ballet barre set to music. Work on flexibility, core and leg strength, spinal mobility, coordination and balance.

Gentle Pilates Fridays, 10:45-11:40am

Register for class at Vita

Not to be mistaken for "nap time," Gentle Pilates focuses on moving slowly enough so that you can feel your alignment, feel the burn, and find a healing, appropriate challenge no matter your age or ability.


Sound Healing TBD, ~8:00-9:00pm

Inside The Working Body, register here.

Coming soon! A sliding-scale meditation space for you to drop into your body, ease your mind away from that to-do list, and let a variety of sounds wash over you.