Every 3rd Tuesday

Join us for a Sound Bath at The Working Body! 

A sound bath is a live, immersive, meditative experience which works acoustically on your brain, body, and soul. As you sit or lie down with eyes closed, sound vibrations wash over you, taking you on an inward journey. You'll leave feeling relaxed, centered, energized, and uplifted. Alissa combines the harmony of an array of Tibetan singing bowls with her East-West vocal stylings accompanied by shruti box.

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Free Community Sound Bath

Join us on Sunday, August 19 at Lululemon on 4th Street in Berkeley for a drop in community sound bath!

This special sound bath happens to fall on the same day that Mercury goes DIRECT. That means that from our earthly vantage point, Mercury will be just finishing it's retrograde dance, and will venture through the starry sky with forward motion once again. This is a day of transition; a great time to take a moment to orient yourself. Mercury rules communication, and while we often think of communication as being what is spoken or written aloud, it truly starts from inside of you. 

We hope this sound bath serves to amplify what is inside of you that wants to come forth with elegance, power, and beauty.