Move Well Within Coaching

Reach your goals and handle the less-fun parts of being human with grace, by becoming aware of and repatterning old habits in thought and behavior. My approach to transformational coaching bridges the gap between intuitive guidance and holistic, NLP-based conversation.

What you get with Move Well Within Coaching:

  • Clarification of what you really want and why

  • Feel aligned with yourself and those around you

  • Gently but powerfully, shift your identity and beliefs so you can experience life with more freedom and choice

  • Expand and deepen your experience of and resourcefulness in your relationships

  • Let the pain of the past go, and keep the value of those lessons learned

…Any of this sound familiar?

  • (Pardon my French…) You’re tired of feeling like shit about the same old shit

  • You have body-related concerns you want to heal

  • You want to feel at ease with yourself and expressive in the world—in both relationships and work

  • Moving towards your goals feels ironically like your worst nightmare

  • You want to stop resorting to “bad habits” and self-sabotage

  • You want your mind, body, and spirit to start playing on the same team

  • You want to feel better without working harder

  • You want a respectful, inquisitive, playful coach


What people are saying…

Katie H testimonial.JPG

“As soon as my first session began with Alissa, I felt comfortable and in a safe space….Even though we didn’t work directly on weight loss, I began loosing weight—a welcome outcome for me! I’ve struggled to lose weight my whole life, and never got very far. In the last month I’ve stuck easily to my eating plan, effortlessly implemented workouts, and dropped 12 pounds! Something clicked in our session and I was able to release the weight. This is life changing work!”

Katie H.