Alissa is a neuro-energetic coach and teacher focusing on bringing brain, body, and spirit into greater freedom and harmony for her clients and students. Her work combines multiple physical and spirit-based modalities, and her primary areas of focus are working with women who have chronic pain or tension on a physical level, and/or a troubled relationship with their body on a spirit level. She has studied intuitive & spiritual counseling since 2009, and has facilitated body-based transformation through movement since 2010.

Her life-long passions are friendship, music, movement, laughter, and exploring this special phenomenon we call Earth.

Se habla español.


  • BA, UC Santa Cruz 2007

  • Theta Healing®, 2009

  • Hypnotherapy, 2009

  • Body-Mind Centering®, 2009

  • Medical Qigong, 2009

  • Comprehensive Pilates Training, 2010

  • Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate, CIIS 2014

  • Z-health (R, I, S, T, Structure), 2014 - ongoing

  • Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer, NASM 2017

  • Transformational NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Marin 2019

Past Events

  • Pilates & Meditation retreat, 2011

  • Pilates & Sound Healing retreat, 2014

  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, assistant & teacher, 2015-17

  • Vital Sacrum Workshop, 2016

  • Sounds Good Sound Bath, 2018 - ongoing