I’m Alissa BenPorat, a teacher, mover, thinker, and feeler.

I teach you tools that transform pain and limitation into ease and freedom. Your pain might be physical—like from an injury, childbirth, or sitting at that desk too long. Or it might be spiritual—like being stuck, conflicted, or at your wit’s end…Or maybe it’s both.

Since 2009 I’ve helped hundreds of clients stay active, unravel injuries and trauma, and relate to themselves and their loved ones with joy and positivity.

I’ve dealt with my share of pain and the urgent need to resolve it. It’s been a journey with injuries and chronic pain, body shame, learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, sexual trauma, concussions, narcolepsy (probably—never had it diagnosed), the pressure of solo-entrepreneurship, and creating a loving and honest marriage.

It’s taken 20 years of exploration, exasperation, and learning, but here’s my message for you:

  • Stay curious and keep showing up for yourself. Cuz you’re a fucking great human being.

  • You can heal pretty much any persistent pain (again, either body or mind) with the right perspective and support.

  • Despite what you think, you haven’t tried it all—YET. So hang in there.

  • You got a diagnosis? Great. Even more reason to stay open minded and curious.

I’ll get to my techniques and training below, but there’s one more thing to say before I wrap it up:

A lot of my techniques may surprise you, as if they jumped out a magic hat. But this ain’t magic, even if it feels that way.

That’s why I call myself a Neuro-Energetic Coach.

“What’s Neuro-Energetic,” you ask?

Look, you’re human. Humans are made up of electricity, water, blood, guts, grey-matter, etc. Your brain, body, mind, and even life experience are one seamless unit. You are both quantifiable and mysterious. So “Neuro-Energetic,” means that I serve you with science in one hand and intuition in the other. It’s a package deal that is unique, effective, and I’m damn proud to share it.

Fun facts: my passion ranges from music-making and historical research, to dance-floor stylings and awkward humor, to backpacking and scuba-diving. And for the people, animals, plants, and places that make life special.

Al final, hablo y enseño en español. Y perdóname, eh? Mi manera de hablar esté marcado por bastantes modismos Oaxaqueños.


  • Transformational NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Marin 2019

  • Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer, NASM 2017

  • Z-health (R, I, S, T, Structure), 2014 - ongoing

  • Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate, CIIS 2014

  • Comprehensive Pilates Training, 2010

  • Medical Qigong, 2009

  • Body-Mind Centering®, 2009

  • Hypnotherapy, 2009

  • Theta Healing®, 2009

  • Vipassana Mediation, 2008 - ongoing

  • BA, American Studies, UC Santa Cruz 2007


  • Therapeutic Movement for Chronic Pain, 2015 - ongoing

  • Sounds Good Sound Bath, 2018 - ongoing

  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, assistant & teacher, 2015-17

  • Vital Sacrum Workshop, 2016

  • Pilates & Sound Healing retreat, 2014

  • Core In Action Pilates & Meditation retreat, 2011

Who I’ve Worked With

  • IPM Medical Group

  • Lululemon

  • Equinox Fitness

  • Innerstellar Yoga & Pilates

  • The Working Body

  • Lila Heller Retreats

  • Nueve Lunas Midwifery School

  • Crystal Camp