Alissa is a neuro-energetic coach and teacher focusing on bringing brain, body, and spirit into greater freedom and harmony for her clients and students. Her work combines multiple physical and spirit-based modalities, and her primary areas of focus are working with women who have or chronic pain or tension on a physical level, and/or a troubled relationship with their body on a spirit level. She has studied intuitive & spiritual counseling since 2009, and has facilitated body-based transformation through movement training since 2010.

Her life-long passions are friendship, music, movement, and exploring and loving this special phenomenon we call Earth.

Se habla español.


  • BA, UC Santa Cruz 2007

  • Theta Healing®, 2009

  • Hypnotherapy, 2009

  • Body-Mind Centering®, 2009

  • Comprehensive Pilates Training, 2010

  • Z-health (R, I, S, T, Structure), 2014 - ongoing

  • Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate, CIIS 2014

  • Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer, NASM 2017

  • Transformational Coaching Master Practitioner, NLP Marin (completion March 2019)

Past Events

  • Pilates & Meditation retreat, 2011

  • Pilates & Sound Healing retreat, 2014

  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, assistant & teacher, 2015-17

  • Vital Sacrum Workshop, 2016

  • Sounds Good Sound Bath, 2018 - ongoing



“I feel like myself again.”

"I had tried everything: chiro, acupuncture, yoga, massage, pharmaceuticals, the works. Many of these things brought some relief, but my back still hurt and felt weak.  

Then I started working with Alissa...She asked for my x-ray analysis, and did research before the meeting. Then she spent a lot of time studying my body and the way I moved and walked. And then she started teaching me a different way.

She taught me exercises to strengthen my body in areas that would help to self-correct my posture and walking style...She gave me awareness of how my joints and spine worked, and how to hold myself in standing and walking and sitting...

I have been working with Alissa for two months, and I feel great!  I have not had a single spasm, or even much stiffness. My belly and my core feel like iron right now (I love having people poke me with a finger!).  I can pop out of bed without a 20 minute warmup. I feel vigor and zest for life and sports. I feel like myself again. I am profoundly grateful to Alissa, and I urge you to work with her..."

        ~Dave, 45

“Raised the bar for what I can do.”

"Alissa is a really good teacher. She is caring but challenging, a combination between personal trainer and yoga/Pilates practitioner. Ever since I started taking her classes, I feel that I have raised the bar for what I can do. And after more than 10 years of taking yoga and two years of Pilates, my husband says he has finally found his core thanks to her weekly classes."
        ~ Debra, 55


“She has an infectious spirit.”

"Alissa offers a through knowledgeable, gentle, often really humorous and delightful therapy for me.  I have pain in my hips, and she knows both instinctively and professionally how to help.  The home exercises have relieved my pain when other physical therapies have not.  She has an infectious spirit that helps me take delight in the process.  Importantly, she give me visuals to help me break down any motion when I'm stuck or confused.  She is prepared, knows what we'll work on each session, and helps me see progress.  I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."
        ~Paul, 65


“Better after two sessions.”

"I just started working with Alissa and after two sessions I have felt so much better. I have had back problems for a while and thought to try Pilates to strengthen my core. I've been to so many different gyms but can't seem to get the hands on attention I need. Am I doing this right? Alissa walks you through each posture and makes sure you are doing it right every time, maximizing the workout. My booty is so sore!"
        ~ Lauren, 22

“Helped me through my third trimester.”

"I went to Alissa for help with the aches and pains associated with the third trimester of pregnancy, and was SO happy I did.  Having never ventured into the world of Pilates before, she was patient with me and really tailored our private sessions to both my needs and skill level.  Her guidance helped me work through my discomfort while giving me tools to further strengthen myself at home.  Most importantly, she kept me happy and feeling good about myself throughout our training periods.  She's truly a wonderful teacher!"
        ~ Laura, 29